73 Western Way, Alverstoke, PO12 2NF
Telephone: 02392 360623 / Mobile: 07747 772880
E-mail: alverstokedance@yahoo.co.uk


Rejoining Alverstoke School of Dance was very exciting this time bringing my own daughter instead of being a pupil
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Alverkstoke School of Dance is a very professional dance school that my daughter enjoys very much
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The Alverkstoke Schoole of Dance is a long established school with a reputation for high standards and encouraging ever student
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The Alverstoke School of Dance is a great school to learn, train and enjoy daning. The teachers teach and train their students well, particularly in
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Timetable Of Classes
Our dance classes are held at several venues at our Gosport & Stubbington branches, take a look at our timetable for more information...
Get In Touch
For general enquiries about our school please contact principal Victoria Piggott-Edge via telephone or fill in our online enquiry form...
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